About Us

It all started with a conversation...

"Why aren't there scholarship opportunities for underprivileged athletes before starting college?"

What started out as a conversation in the living room of an apartment, quickly grew into a passion to make a difference in the community. Sports can get expensive: jerseys, equipment, travel, the amount of time spent getting to and from practice. The list could go on. This is where the idea for Community Through Athletics (CTA) was born.

What do you see wrong in the world? As for CTA, we see an injustice in the lack of resources for individuals that want to be involved in sports, but don't have the means to do so. Your childhood is a large determinant of the person you become. If you were lucky/blessed/privileged enough to have a life where you could be placed in any sport, organization, or team of your choosing, you likely developed strong morals, discipline, and/or work ethic from it. Research shows that those involved in youth sports have better performance outcomes in school, and decreased chances of getting involved with negative activities. We believe that providing these resources for an individual to participate in a sport extends well beyond the physical aspect. 

We began this organization because we see a problem in the World today. Too many are denied the privilege and opportunity to grow physically, mentally, and emotionally. Community Through Athletics wants to provide for not only athlete-development, but human-development through fundraising, community-building, and mentorships. It is our goal that through scholarships, these individuals excel and ask themselves the same question we did: "What do you see wrong in the world? And how are you going to change it?" And that they find the courage and strength among themselves to change it.